The 4 Common People Behind A Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the newest form of advertising. The shift in digital advertising might not be in full swing to which it can stand alone without print, billboard and TV advertising, but it’s becoming more and more significant, going strong each year, thanks to a slow but steady deflection of people’s standard buying habits.

The power of the Internet is unprecedented. It’s a whole new world of fresh marketing territory gearing itself as a highway information machine. Its accessibility and immediateness, notwithstanding the cloak of anonymity it brings, brings forth a certain comfort for users worldwide. This is why virtual assistant services are the β€œit” thing in the Internet marketing world, and the industry seems to be in the stage where its fast and steady ascent is in full bloom.

Why Internet Marketing?

Business experts are one in convening the idea that β€œa healthy, productive and dynamic marketing effort for a company should include a bit, or a lot, for that matter, of Internet marketing.” What exactly is Internet marketing? Internet marketing is the use of Internet and the web to promote a product or service.

Internet marketing is usually done through building a product or service website, hailed as the company’s main Internet presence, fortified by social media handles in popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and inevitably ranking first page in search engines’ results pages (SERP).


To do this, search engine optimisation (SEO) is harnessed. Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising search engines to rank a certain page for a particular set of keywords. SEO is becoming more and more the anti-thesis of traditional advertising agencies. But the smarter ones of these agencies now start to integrate the service to their product line to further their reach.

SEO is a process. A gruelling one at that. It involves a team, divided in groups. Each group functions as a unit, doing specialised jobs that forms part the entirety of the campaign. Here are the four most important people to commence Internet marketing:

1. Content Creators

Content creators are the new breed of magazine writers. They write articles, press releases, blog posts fortified with subtle and not-so-subtle redirection to the product or service. They make your product present, relevant and enticing.

2. Social Media Experts

Social media experts are the people behind the social media presence of your company. Social media is one of the most important parts of an Internet campaign. At least half of the buying population is in social media, and a robust presence in that realm boosts product awareness for avid customers, brand shifters and first time buyers.

3. SEO Experts

The people behind the actual SEO usually do Internet sorcery to increase your product/service’s online significance. A barrage of online-only brands have made it big through the help of substantial search engine optimisation. And a lot of traditional brands are relying on SEO to promote their brand identity throughout the web.

SEO work is usually grunt work. It involves the posting of articles, optimising content, and campaigning to increase ranking.

4. Web Developers

Web developers are the ones which codes and builds the entire framework of the Internet campaign. The look of your website, its functions, it’s interactiveness, etc. It’s a lot of hard coding, designing and encoding of functions.

To manage all these people, a virtual assistant can be hired on top of the work. Companies looking for outsourcing services frequently rely on virtual assistants to supervise the whole thing.