5 Factors On How to Select A Business Process Outsourcing Partner

By now, you are probably not a novice anymore to technology, more so, outsourcing. A lot of business institutions outsource services, mostly functions related to Information Technology, software development, web application, among others.

The first question “Why should we outsource?” must have been perhaps answered by now. Yes, you’re now convinced a hundred percent about the impressive benefits business process outsourcing can bring to your team.

But, the other question, “Who should we choose as our SEO outsourcing partner?” still remains. The fact that there are countless third party vendors providing a plethora of outsourcing services makes you think twice.

One wrong decision in your choice could break your brand and cost you thousands of dollars. Setting your own standards and criteria when picking up an outsourcing partner is crucial to your success, and eventually, your progress. So, when you think of outsourcing the services you need, think of vital factors in an outsourcing environment

Key Process & Infrastructure Elements To Consider In Outsourcing

1. Project Management and Development

In an outsourcing relationship, normally the service provider and the client don’t meet face to face, although they can, if need be. But, because of distance (for example, client is based in the West while outsourcing provider, in the East), they opt not to spend a hefty sum for travel alone. Therefore, an open line communication between the two parties is a must.

Aside from that, detailed and accurate reporting, updates about, say, software and equipment, should be available anytime and especially upon request. Finally, you need to appoint an efficient team leader who will act as the bridge between your company and the outsourcing firm.

2. On site Project Leader

With significant differences in cultures and traditional practices, having someone to lead the team and coordinate with people on-site is also required. This way, everyone involved in the outsourced project will better understand the scope, requirements and other aspects of the project.

3. Take advantage of communication technologies like online chatting, video calling, and any other forms of such category.

4. Talent Pool and Employee Policy

Of course, you should prioritize an outsourcing partner that has a pool of talents with diverse expertise like us. By that, you’re assured of a workforce that’s able to render superior quality service; delivering outcomes at fast turnaround times with minimal or no wastage at all. Remember that a company that has a limited number of workers may not be able to deliver the goods as expected. Another thing, there should be a legal document that contains all the agreements between the two parties regarding the work involved.

5. Intellectual property rights

This refers to the rights provided to an individual or company for their imaginative creations. The said rights afford the creator an exclusive right for the use of such creation for a certain time period. So, you have to be clear on this.

The Right Relationship

If you are now decided which SEO outsourcing partner to choose, also consider these terms:

•    Establish a genuine outsourcing partnership. Be partners in all aspects of the relationship. Don’t just stop at being ‘outsourcer and vendor’ to each other. Rather, do your best so that respect and trust are earned from both sides.

•    Ideally, you should start small, but, aim to foster a long-term strong relationship.

•    Be clear about your expectations. Don’t hesitate to ‘lay down everything’. After all, it’s your future that’s at stake here.

•    Above all, select the right projects or activities to outsource.

Don’t outsource just for the heck of it. Rather, think of outsourcing services Philippines as a smart way of bringing your company to where it should belong—the top.