5 SEO Facts Companies Looking For Outsourcing Services Should Know

Ever wonder why more and more businesses are slowly building their own websites? It’s because customers are now online. Around 92% of people search Google for goods, services and information, and that’s about over 100 billion global searches conducted each month.

Because of promising statistics, online marketing has been on the rise over the past years. Companies looking for outsourcing services will surely benefit from strategies such as social media marketing, content writing, web development, and especially SEO (search engine optimization).

1. Around 91% of US internet users search every month

A user’s online experience often begins with one thing – seach engine. Web traffic is the first place potential customers will first find out about you. If you’re not optimizing your website, your brand does not exist in their minds.

SEO or search engine optimization helps in making your website visible in the World Wide Web. If you appear on Google’s first page and rank first, you’ll get 20% of clicks on average.

2. 75% of SEO is off-page and 25% is on-page

To improve SEO, marketers use two key elements. First is making your content relevant for the keywords people are searching for, then attracting links. These are known as off-page (someone else’s website) and on-page (your website).

Content marketing strategy distribution has led to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic and 40% increase in revenue. So, create content other people want to link to.

3. Persuasive meta descriptions under 155 characters boost click through rate

Meta descriptions are brief previews that show up underneath a link on a search engine results page. It gives user a glimpse of what the article is all about. If you have a tempting description, regardless of the rank, there will be an increase in clicks.

Make it unique and snappy. Matt Cutts of Google noted that it’s better to have no meta description, than to have a duplicate meta description. Keep this mind the next time you make one.

4. The most important on-page element, after content, are page titles

A common mistake for websites is not putting an effective title on their page. After relevant content, it is essential to have a targeted page title. It’s located at the very top of your browser, the one written on the tab.It shows up when people search on Google.

Apart from editing your title page, also include the keywords in the H1 text, alt tags and paragraph text on the page. This is to create value in relevancy, browsing and SERPs.

5. Google+ is the highest correlated social factor for SEO ranking

Because social media has taken over as the primary form of communication, search engines have begun to factor social network sites into results. If you want your links to more likely show up in results pages, establish a connection in Google+.

It’s time to improve your SEO and bring success to your business. Discover the advantages of outsourcing IT services. It’s all about optimizing your pages, creating unique content and engaging in social media. It may not happen overnight, but it works!