Reliable Virtual Assistant Services For A Hassle Free Business Operation

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Outsourcing

Did you know that employing a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a big boost to your business? Those who render this kind of service have the ability to manage your company activities seamlessly and grow your enterprise to your advantage.

Yes, that’s how much relief you get if you decide to avail of this current trend in business today, the virtual assistant services. People who extend such service are known for their reliability and efficiency as well. Business operators find in them the epitome of workmanship as they guarantee only customer satisfaction for every task they complete.

A New Way Of Doing Business

Needless to say, we know how traditional offices work. Just imagine going inside a business firm and seeing men and machine, plus, the volumes of documents and tons of paper, all cramped up in a windowless cubicle. Isn’t it a mess and an eye sore as well?

Today, people have become astute, as to the way they run their empire. Their offices have become neat and orderly, with only a handful of people and basic equipment around. They’re those who used the virtual assistance service to their advantage; a revolutionary way of doing business in today’s digital world.

The Great Benefits

Your trustworthy person or team is situated in a remote place and doing all the hard work for you. Business continues even as you sleep, so, you wake up the next day to see your revenues rolling in.  What is it that makes the service tick?

1. Less equipment needed

Virtual Assistants or VA’s as they are called, oftentimes work as freelancers. But, there are also those who prefer to be affiliated with reputable BPO companies, like Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide. In that case, VA’s utilize company machinery and technology.

That is why a big office space is no longer necessary when all you need is a versatile individual able to manage your administrative and other special tasks. Therefore, you save on utilities and power.

What’s more, you may not need the service anymore once the agreed tasks are done. Hence, you only pay for the service as you need it. No salaries are there to pay for, nor fringe benefits and taxes. It’s that simple!

2. Your routine activities taken cared of

You don’t have to be bothered by daily mundane business activities. Your VA can do the following with expertise:

•    manage your calls, emails
•    create documents, reports, Powerpoint presentations
•    update your website, blog site and social media sites
•    write your blogs

But don’t underestimate the capability of your assistant for he can do more than those. Since competition is stiff, today’s VA’s make sure that they are well-equipped with almost all types of skills to hit employment. They are able to do research and documentation, even handle your bookkeeping aspects as well as graphics design. Now, all you have to do is concentrate on growing your business and make more money.

What are you waiting for? Find somebody who can present you with various solutions that can make your operations much easier, faster, not to mention hassle free. With a VA from our company who’s at the same time an expert visual web developer, you just don’t know how lucky you are!

Virtual Assistant Services and More | IT Marketing to Ensure Your Success

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Communication, information dissemination, business – these aspects and more were slowly and steadily changed when the World Wide Web and its subsequent advancements came along. With email and instant messaging making it easy to stay in touch, it didn’t take long for businesses to start going online.

Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide

Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide

With the many possible firms now found on the Internet, it can take a while for the intended market to discover one’s website – and often, one can’t afford to wait for that to happen. This is where internet marketing comes into play, and companies have discovered the advantages of outsourcing IT services.

1. Convenience. The Web makes hiring an outsourcing vendor for certain tasks easier than ever; firms like Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide also have their own websites, advertising their services. From there, it’s a matter of sending an email with the details of your project, and choosing the best firm for your needs.

2. Cost. It will cost less to subcontract IT marketing to an outside party, compared to hiring and training someone in-house. Also, these firms are typically comprised of people who are well-trained and equipped, who specialize in certain fields. Having all of them on one team is sure to give you cost-effective marketing.

3. Time. With a third party handling the typically back-office tasks, you can focus on your main responsibilities in order to make your business grow. Once you have a trusted partner you usually engage for IT marketing, you won’t have to worry about checking their every move. This means a lesser need for micro-management and less stress for you.

4. Recognition. The rise of social media as another channel for businesses to update their clientele and keep in touch with them means the need to keep up to attain success. Leaving such tasks to more-than-capable social media specialists will help build your firm’s online image.

5. Uniqueness. You’ll want your website to reflect your company’s vision or goals, and with the many plug-and-play website templates around today, it can be difficult to truly stand out. Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide has well-trained graphic designers and web developers. They can ensure your site emerges from the crowd as unique and memorable.

6. Relevance. A combination of search engine optimization, up-to-date and engaging content will make sure your target market finds your website, but even that’s not enough. Writers and SEO specialists work together to ensure your audience likes what they see and stick with you. You already have an existing market; all that’s left is to bring both together.

7. Personalization. Just Simple Outsourcing Worldwide adjusts its approach to suit your needs while ensuring quality performance all across the board. To us, you won’t be ‘just another client’ – and we’ll make sure your website conveys the same message to your own customers. We’ll find ways to get you noticed, on your terms.

From search engine marketing to Virtual Assistant Services to web design, you’re sure to find everything you need to catapult your firm to the fore, regardless of your products and services. Once you’ve tried outsourcing such tasks to a dedicated IT marketing firm, you wouldn’t want to go back.

Why You Need Social Media And Search Engine Marketing, Now More Than Ever

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a well-known strategy in the business industry. It has given effective solutions to reducing costs and increasing productivity. With technology-driven BPO companies on the rise, the demand for IT based solutions has also increased.

Business owners now have diversified needs in terms of marketing, because of the fact that customers of the modern world are online. One of the advantages of outsourcing IT services, and strategies, is it can solidify your brand on the web. Here’s why you need it now more than ever!

Just Simply Outsourcing WorldwideSocial Media Marketing

A popular internet marketing strategy, Social Media Marketing implements various platforms and networks in order to achieve branding goals. This can help you expand your reach, to get a larger audience. With the purpose of marketing, these are the benefits:

  • Gaining website traffic
  • Conversions
  • Building influence through customer interaction
  • Creating brand awareness 
  • Positive brand association

With Social Media Marketing, different activities will be covered such as content sharing, and posting images and videos. It’s about feeding fresh and new content, repeat exposure and establishing authority – sharing your company’s voice to the world.

Do It For Your Business!

Be competitive and generate top quality results. Projecting your brand image across famous social media platforms and interact with customers from all over the world. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or social search engines – these can increase your conversion.

Foundation. Social Media Marketing can increase customer loyalty, advocacy and retention. You’re able to build special relationships with your customers. Thus, it makes a strong foundation for your company’s brand under any circumstances.

Feedback. Because of social media, consumers can share development feedback and valuable information which can help your brand grow influence and flourish. It’s making a word-of-mouth presence through real-time social channels without spending too much.

Integration. Be consistent with your image, build links, track analytics and competitors, and create interesting content. Together with search engine marketing and other methods, you can get the most out of the social media impact.

By distributing Social Media Marketing to an IT outsourcing provider, a company can maximize their potentials in doing core duties. Because of the numerous advantages it offers, outsourcing is now embraced by companies all over the world.

Join The Social Media Trend

You can rely on Social Media when it comes to community cultivation, as well as attracting attention. It might take some time to build momentum, but as long as you’re consistent, your efforts can be converted into opportunities.

Internet marketing’s main objective is to build up reputation by increasing the company’s ability to be found online. More and more businesses venture into internet marketing, and web development, only to see revenue generation and return of investment.

One of the benefits of Social Media Marketing is its cost-effective measures. Outsourcing minimizes expenditures, but the results are globally competitive. On top of that, distribution of non-core functions improves the heart of your business.

Consumers mostly go with what’s in trend and what’s popular so you’ll never go wrong with internet marketing – online advertising on seach engines, or search engine marketing, e-commerce, social media, relationship e-mails, and so on.

Search Engine Marketing – Your Ticket To A Successful Business

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We’re lucky enough to experience Internet’s undisputed magnetic speed. In fact, one of its features, like a search engine, turned out to be a vessel of information. It makes everything convenient and more accessible.

This idea urged entrepreneurs to employ search engine marketing in advertising strategies. Believe it or not, it could be the best way to make a business website visible to all corners of the globe! How do they do that?

Just Simply Outsourcing Worlddwide

Just Simply Outsourcing Worlddwide

What is Search Engine Marketing?
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a technique used by internet marketers, especially Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, responsible for augmenting website visibility in search engine result pages (SERP).

The said marketing method plays a significant role in promoting any type of business website. To state, the process employs optimization and advertising. If you’re thinking of ignoring this strategy, sorry, but you’re now on your way to failure. Don’t let it happen!

Search Engine Marketing – Makes Your Website Connect To Real World
“Having a website is not enough.”

You have your website. That’s great! You can now create a free-streaming connection between your services/products and clients – only possible through your company’s site. Nevertheless, how would others know about your particular business? How would you prove to every person that your offers are unique, reliable and efficient? How?

Imagine your own website. How does it look? Is it alluring? Is it filled with interesting, informative and engaging contents? If your answers are all yes, that’s great! But if no, then that’s a tough endeavor to start with. Take note, contents or web designs are not a guarantee. You still have to market your site across the Internet through search engine marketing.

SEO Specialist plays a huge role in SEM
In order to make your site more visible than others, search engine optimization has techniques that could crank up things for you. Specialists on this field have the ability to crawl within the virtual world’s complex algorithm and parameters.

They can increase your website visibility by formulating keywords – which are grounded on audience usage. With this keywords, your website could have the chance to be visited anytime or any moment. This make the cycle challenging. Of course, results also vary. It depends on how relevant a certain keyword is to your website. Without this, how could audiences meet your website?

Search Engine Marketing – A By-Product of Competition
As far as your orientation goes, entrepreneurs have been plotting special methods to fill every barren space in their business context. It may be a tough pursuit, but the point is to
outrun every money-maker proponent along the way.

“Competitions and rivalries keep on tightening.” Businessmen of the same category are not friendly with each other, unless they’re already buddies. Anyway, this hostility somehow ignites an undeniable trembling tension – drives them insane!

Business Process Outsourcing Services To Cater Search Engine Marketing
“BPO companies have excellent SEO specialists.”

Make sense, marketing your business on cyberspace isn’t easy as you think. You have to deal with every barricade that might be or not created by your competitors. If you’re still a novice in terms of Internet marketing, you better seek for reliable Internet Marketers.

Behold, your rivals might be one of the companies looking for outsourcing services. Be sure to hire outstanding SEO specialists from a reliable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm. Choose us – Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide!

Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide Explains Why Outsource to Filipinos

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Outsourcing

It cannot be denied that the Philippines is one of the most sought after outsourcing hubs in the world. In fact, the country is a favorite of many American and European clients when it comes to outsourcing and offshoring services.

Ever wonder why? Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide, the country’s leading provider of search engine marketing services, cites the reasons. Take a look at the benefits you avail of when outsourcing to the Filipinos, such are:

  • Compatible cultures
Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide

Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide

Having been governed by the United States for almost 60 years (1899 to 1946), it’s no wonder that Filipinos of today are seen as expressing a culture compatible with that of the West. Don’t be surprised once you get to this country — touring around, you will see countless establishments patterned after popular Western fixtures by the strip. The clothes they sport, the gadgets they use, the food and coffee they order from fast food chains all show visible traces of something western in them.

When it comes to language, Filipinos speak eloquent American English better than other Asians. For a fact, English is the medium of instruction at all levels in the Philippine educational system. This is one of the important reasons why clients from the West find it comfortable doing business in this part of the globe.

Even in the countryside, you will encounter local folks who can speak and understand American English. Although it is only a second language, but it has been designated as the language for business and education in this country.

  • World-class talent

Another reason why you should outsource to Filipinos is their multiple talents and world class expertise on subject ares. Many of them have already made their mark – both locally and internationally. Anywhere around the world, Filipino workers have been known to excel in their respective areas of expertise. College graduates with distinction from such fields as Science, Arts, Technology, Medicine, Business easily find employment with foreign corporations.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

As long as they are paid justly, Filipinos are not ones to complain. Instead, they work seriously, even rendering service for long hours to get a job done right and perfect. They can easily adjust to any environment, climate, foreign cultures and just about anything. Being able to adjust to any situation is one trait that seems to be inherent amongst workers which makes them efficient and effective at the same time.

There are still a dozen or so of reasons why you should choose to delegate your non-core and IT-related functions to expert Filipino professionals. For beginners, they have the passion and dedication in whatever they are assigned to.
Apart from the aforementioned, doing business in this country is cost efficient. Why? The Philippines belongs to the so-called low labor nations. Here, you can get an outsourced job done professionally at a fraction of the price in the US or Europe – with the same quality! Indeed, the country is by far, the most ideal outsourcing destination of today.

We have a professional team of Filipinos; their diverse expertise make things happen for you. Outsource to Filipinos now and have your job done fast at a price you can afford. Indeed, companies looking for outsourcing services should not have a hard time finding the right partner!