Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide – Philippine Outsourcing at its Best

Philippine outsourcing is the second most preferred haven for BPO or business process outsourcing and non-voice complex services next to India.Moreover,it made an outstanding impact as reigning first in terms of voice complex services.
just-simply-outsourcing-worldwideOutsourcing in the Philippines made a breakthrough in businesses, providing great quality; practical and stable availability of talented individuals who makes sure that excellence is met and are time management conscious. From my point of view, it’s just a matter of time until the Philippines goes head to head with India as the leader in the global BPO market and further minimize the gap between other countries who made a stellar impact in the BPO industry.
But what is it that attracts companies to outsource in the Philippines?

One of the main reasons for me is that the Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country, hence, it breaks the communication barrier that other countries are still trying to collapse.

Other factor that may add up is the presence of a large workforce. The Philippines produces an estimated of more than 400,000 college graduates per year reaching to an average of 94% literacy rate, which is considered the highest score in the world.

Philippine outsourcing soared since their debut also because the country concedes to an open economy which allows and welcomes business and trade. One plus factor that relates to this is that, the Philippines is strategically situated in the Central Part of Asia and in fact of the Asian Tigers, giving foreign trade and businesses only a few flying hours from major cities in the territory and is a good entry point to the Asia-Pacific.

Close cultural affinity with the West is also one of the main factors that subject the Philippines to a growing affection of the West to outsource here in our country. Having been colonized by Spain and America before, Filipinos has adopted a majority of their culture and are exposed to how the westerners run their business. A basic factor that grabs their attention and thus believe that finding solutions to their business needs from Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide can help in maximizing their productivity.

Being all said and considered, one factor that may be greatly appraised to why companies outsource in the Philippines is the cost. Recognized as one of the lowest in the world, telecommunications, electricity, and other utilities are about 50% percent cheaper compared to US and European countries that greatly reflect to low labor cost. Indeed, the services offered by Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide are truly exceptional.