Outsourcing Worldwide: Secrets to Great Logo Design

Outsourcing Worldwide Secrets to Great Logo Design

Where business is concerned, how recognizable you are is integral, whether your audience is local, national, or international. If no one’s familiar with your company, you won’t have as many customers as you’d like; and vice-versa.

When expanding online, the look and feel of your website will be one of the key points in your marketing campaign. If you don’t have as much extra time and personnel to devote to the campaign, you can turn to outsourcing companies like Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide. This means you can focus on your business, while the outsourcing firm handles online tasks.

To really tie your message together, however, nothing does a better job than a logo. Not only can you use it in, say, your website’s header, but on all marketing material as well.

But what makes a great – and not just good – logo? How can you make sure it will stand the test of time, and will be easily recognized by your target market?

1. Make it stand out. Look at the logos of other businesses; you may notice a lot of globes, arrows, and similar elements. You won’t want to use those in your logo, because you won’t stand out then. Your logo doesn’t necessarily have to show what the company does, either, and colour is just a small part.

For a really unique logo, try different design elements, like half-circles or crosses that will suggest something about your company. Try to use a neutral colour combination as well, one that doesn’t risk meaning something else in a different culture.

2. Check the quality. No matter how good the logo looks on paper or on the monitor, it won’t be as effective if it looks completely different once resized. You may be using it on something as small as a mug or a ballpoint pen, or on a huge billboard. Regardless, it should ‘read’ well, without its different elements becoming unrecognizable in some way.

3. Keep it simple. Have you ever seen a logo that was too difficult to figure out? Keep the design as simple as possible so it won’t confuse your target audience. Think of McDonald’s and the extremely simple but eye-catching ‘M’ set against a red background.

4. Don’t keep it enclosed. A logo is cohesive only when the elements aren’t kept in a circle, square, or other borders. The use of a border means the logo is nothing more than a few symbols that aren’t connected. In other words, your logo should be able to stand on its own, without being ‘caged’.

5. Make it connect. When you know your target market, you’ll need to design your logo to fit it, too. For instance, a target audience of teens will be more drawn to an upbeat, possibly futuristic design. Young professionals and older adults won’t be as attracted to something that’s overly fancy, and you may have to mute the colours.

Whether you decide to design the logo yourself, or you engage one of the outsourcing companies Philippines you’ve found, just keep these guidelines in mind. You’ll then have a logo you’ll be proud to display over and over again.